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Take a look below at what some of our clients have to say about BravoGraphic , Inc.


I’ve been working with Bravo Graphics for over five years and have had consistently exceptional service since day one.
In fact, Bravo Graphics is such a trusted vendor, when I changed jobs I introduced my new company to Bravo and we have been
using their services ever since. Our pieces are always produced at the highest quality for the lowest price, and I know I can depend
on Bravo to meet our tight deadlines.  Most importantly, the level of service I receive from Bravo Graphics rivals no other. They work
just as hard as we do to make sure our final products are perfect.  I have often come to my reps for advice and have always been
given thoughtful recommendations of how best to achieve my goals. They are experts at client services – sincere and truly
committed to their customers.  Bravo has earned my business for life.
Jenny Dillon
Engelbrecht Advertising

I wanted to personally thank you & your team for all your hard work last week. You guys delivered everything to us on time and
we really appreciate it! I know last week was extremely  hectic with the VERY last minute work we threw at you guys so quickly…
I just had to say “thanks!” We appreciate it! Again, thank you! Have a great week!

Project Manager | Ambit Energy

Bravo Graphics is our preferred printer. The quality of their products is superior to many other printers. They extend to us some
very attractive rates. They are also much more flexible than some of the other printers we have dealt with.  And, we can always
count on them to help us out when we are in a bind.  We have formed not only a successful business relationship, but we think
of JoAnn Leath and the rest of the team at Bravo as friends.
Elizabeth Conklin
A.A. to Advertising Director
Press & Sun-Bulletin

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I really do enjoy working with you and everyone I've encountered
over there.  I always get excellent service and the end product is always great and where it needs to be when it needs to be there.  Working with you and Bravo allows me to more or less forget about the back end of everything and allows me the time to work on
the developmental and analytical aspects of my job that allow our company to be more successful. I honestly couldn't ask for
anything more from a print partner.

In short, thank you for providing AP with great product, at a fair price and, most importantly, the kind of customer service that will
make sure my next job is done on time regardless if I remember to put it in.  I know I'll be getting a call to remind me.  

Thank you

Christopher M. Helscher
Alternative Press Magazine

With the end of the year approaching I wanted to take some time to thank the special people who have helped make my first
"year" (promotionally speaking) all that it has been. I sat down today with a notepad to consider what it was that made a great
supplier and came up with the following criteria:

- On time delivery: the cornerstone of promotional mailings is timing, and it all hinges on the printers. If a printer does not delivery
to the lettershop on time then it makes it very difficult for the lettershop to meet our mail dates, so timely delivery is foremost on my
mind when choosing a printer for a job.

- Customer Service: sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes a job isn't going to be on time, or something is going to go wrong,
or I'm going to need some help getting out of a pinch. Solving problems and getting quotes in quickly are the starting points of
customer service, but the real pros take it to the next level.

- Innovation: It isn't really that hard to print a letter or a buck slip, but there are some jobs and some ideas that marketers have that
take things to a whole other level. Sometimes there are jobs put the concept of "thinking outside of the box" to a new high. The best printers are those who can partner with me to help make these types of jobs a reality, and do so without making it seem like I'm
asking for the moon in a mason jar.

- Communication: Sometimes things go horribly wrong, so horribly wrong that we're going to miss a due to lettershop date.
It happens, it happens more often then I would prefer, but it happens. When these things are going to happen it is the great printers
who seek me out every time to let me know the why and how I can be assured that they are doing everything they can to get me the product as soon as they can (and to assure me that this is a one time thing that won't be happening again).

With these criteria in mind I sat down with my comprehensive list of promotional material printers and began paring it down,
looking for the cream of the crop. I have narrowed that list down to four printers who have been with DRG since long before I got on
the scene and one printer who, for lack of a better term, is my "Rookie of the Year", having just started printing on a regular basis for
me this Winter 2007 Printing Season.

Bravo Graphics is one of these outstanding printers. When I began working here at DRG, Bravo was one of my fulfillment printers,
but wasn't even a flash on the promotional radar, as they were working out of Texas and our lettershops are all out of Chicago.
We decided to throw caution to the wind, and give Bravo a chance on the promotional items due to their high quality and timely
delivery of items to SFG, and haven't regretted it for a second.

If there is anything that I need, from the mundane to the eclectic, I can call Jo Ann. If I don't know what the heck I'm talking about,
I can call Jo Ann. If I'm having a bad day and need to hear a cheerful voice, I can call Jo Ann (am I getting my point across yet?).
Jo Ann is one of the best sales people I work with. She is always willing to give a quote another shot, or call whomever she needs
to if her pricing isn't up to snuff with the rest. Her quotes come in quickly and she always has an idea of how we can do something
more efficiently.

We also receive great communication from prepress and Michael is probably more familiar with my continuous form DPCs that he
would like to be. Michael, Jo Ann, Brenda, and myself have all been back and forth, frontwards and backwards over these Double
Post Cards, and we have finally found a format that allows the job to be printed with the utmost efficiency. It's this kind of
determination and communication that makes Bravo Graphics a printing force.

And remember that whole Texas being a long way to delivery to Chicago thing from a couple paragraphs ago? So far so good!

Thank you very much to the whole Bravo Graphics team for being such an outstanding supplier. I look forward to getting to work
together for many promotional seasons and years ahead.

Josh Perry
Dynamic Resource Group

The media kits look excellent, Mike, thanks so much for a great job on the printing! Everyone is very pleased with
the quality and color; Wonderfully done, thank you!

Johnny Seale | Production Director
Cowboys & Indians Magazine | Western & English Today Magazine


I will be in and out all day. If you have any questions let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Make a note in your calendar to call me around the end of January to check on a spring card. I want you to know that although price is important to us,
I continue to try to use you for print jobs because of the follow up and support you provide. I wanted to make sure you got this job because everyone else that quoted it didn’t seem to care very much, had no personality and no “customer service attitude”.
Let your boss know we think you’re great!

Thanks again,

Sharon Salata

Daily News Circulation Marketing Manager

Being a Marketing Director for a national spirit industry company and leading a small team means that I don't have a lot of time
to spare during the day. James Penney and Bravo Graphics are respected partners that help me to work efficiently. James brings
many years of printing and manufacturing experience to the table and is readily available to provide pricing and manufacturing
options. Being a part of Bravo Graphics allows him to provide the most competitive pricing and the best vendor for the job.

Martha R. Thorpe
Executive Director of Marketing Communications

Hey guys,

just wanted to say awesome work on the NextTruck media kit. You guys   never disappoint, it looks awesome.


Alan W. Reynolds
Senior Designer
TAP Publishing Company

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